HHT-Hartmetall - Your competent partner for tungsten cabide
and hard material matters - MADE IN GERMANY -

We deliver, optimise and refine only premium carbides for the cutting tool industry as well as for the machining industry. Benefit from our first-class quality rods, sintered preforms, and cylindrical grinding services of our high performance carbides.

Our products in different carbide grades such as: K5UF (ISO K05), K-6UF (ISO K10), K-20F (ISO K10), K-40UF (ISO K30-K40), K-40XF (ISO K30-K40), K44UF (ISO K20-K30), K-88UF (ISO K10-K20), K-55SF (ISO K05-K10)

HHT stands for more as 40 years of expertise in tungsten carbide.

Absolutely essential for us is quality on the highest level possible. Because of that our cemented carbides are exclusively produced in order to guarantee the best metallurgical basic for our customers precision tools.

More information about our Carbide grades and their fields of application can be found on our topics page Overview of carbide grades