Overview of Tungsten Carbide Rods - Ground Round Bars

Ground carbide rods - carbide of different types, qualities and lengths

We permanently stock all series of ground carbide rods. All round bars are available for you with central, parallel, or twisted coolant holes.
We produce ground carbide rods carbid round bars made of K10, K20, K30 and other types in rods.

Our main programme guarantees rapid availability and thus optimum procurement times for you. More information about qualities and dimensions is available here:

Material Carbide grades Length (mm) Model  
Rods K-6UF 330
Rods K-20F 330
Rods K-40UF 330(div)
Rods K-40XF 330
Rods K-44UF 330
Rods K-55SF 330
Rods K-88UF 330
Rods K-20F
Rods K-40UF Fixed lengths with one-sided chamfer 45 degrees
Rods K-44UF Fixed lengths with one-sided chamfer 45 degrees
Rods K-40UF 330 1 central coolant hole
Rods K-40UF Fixed lengths 1 central coolant hole and 2, 3, 4 or 5 radial exits
Rods K-40UF 330/330 2 parallel coolant holes
Rods K-40UF 330(div) 2 twisted holes 30/40°
Rods K-44UF 330 2 twisted holes 30/40°
Rods K-40UF 310/330 3 twisted holes 30/40°
CERMET HC-15 330